Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had a friend named Casey a few years back. He was probably my best friend.

I met him in Philly, on one of my numerous trips up there with Peter. Peter introduced me to him, and he was familiar with the Fears. He was aiming to become a Lonely Hearts agent too, which I think was what we bonded over. Either that or our mutual love of getting absolutely fucked up.

We were so close. In one night, we bonded. We would talk to each other almost every single day whether it be through text messages or emails. Until I moved up there, of course.

I moved into his apartment and I helped pay the rent. I was able to get a job at the same place we worked. We had so much fun up there.

He was hired as an agent about the same time I was. He was my first partner, even before Holly.

I miss those days, and I miss how things used to be.

Anyways... I mention Casey because he's in my apartment right now.

But Casey's been dead for a while now.

His rotting body is leaving a stain on my floor. I can't tell if this is a Fear's doing or just me going crazy...

A quarter of his torso is still missing... the memories from that mission...

I'm fighting back my own past right now and I'm afraid that soon, I'll be absorbed into it.

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