Friday, May 27, 2011

Cobra Tattoo

Really though, this grand escape of yours is becoming tedious. I'm ashamed to have chosen you, I thought you would have submitted to me by now. But you're not, instead you seem to be rebelling. I thought you had given up, James? I've waited all this time for this moment and now you're ruining it.

We're on the path of greatness and you have something I can't ever have myself but I still need. I've waited too long for this moment, and goddammit, James, I'm hungry. So, so hungry. I need more than this, and I want to be more than this. I'm going to evolve.

So don't screw this up for me. Submit. Submit, James. Now. Or I will break you, absolutely and totally and forever. You think you're broken now? Just wait. I will tear. you. apart. 

It's only a matter of tiI'm walking along a green, green forest and I can't stop seeing this image in my head. It reminds me of Holly but it's not Holly it can't be Holly. This is a different person. So much different. She's younger, maybe even just out of high school, and she's a brunette.

On her arm, there is a cobra tattoo.
She's beyond the ocean, among the blue but past it in the yellow sunlight.
Far, far away from the green, green, green.

Wild sage growing in the we

I can see it now. I'm finally there, where I can put this to an end. 

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