Friday, May 27, 2011

In Corolla

My journey ended with a rusted brown marsh, among a green, green coast. The stench wafted from the reeds and the burn of saltwater creeps up with the wind. I make my way towards the line of reeds.

The dusk was arriving quickly. I wanted to end it in the sunlight so I hurried. I pushed through the reeds and into the marsh. The waves crash and swish up around me, tugging and pulling my clothes. I sighed in relief as the warm and yet cold water soothed my shivering and yet boiling body.

Smiling, I looked up to the sky. It was an emerald tapestry, angry and defeated, and the tattered clouds were giant masses of jade smoke. I laughed, it was just so funny! All of it, the entire situation. The color green had envied and wanted me my entire life and at the end of it all it would have to watch me be absorbed by blue.

Wild sage floated away among the weeds.

I fell into the ocean and desired to float away but the mud grabbed me and I began to drown in place. The Atlantic rushed into my body and put out the emerald fire and I laughed and cried. The itching stopped.

The hurt quit.
I said my goodbyes. I said a few prayers. I said a lot of things.
It wasn't enough but it was all I had left.

I thought it to be my grave, but it wasn't, even if it felt like it and I wanted it to be so badly. No, I wasn't permitted to die. I thought I was truly alone, but I was wrong. I thought everyone in my memories had been burnt away, but he was still there.

Casey's hand grabs onto mine and he pulls me out from the depths.

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