Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One and Only

Back in this goddamn office. It’s Hell in here.

This place is getting a lot busier lately. The Fears’ activity down here has been on a steady rise. It’s worrying. Why now, why here?

And there have been more sightings of her… that bitch.

She’s the one that caused my life to crash down. She’s the one to take away all of my happiness. She’s the only Fear to have ever come close to killing me.

She murdered my one and only; Holly.

The boss does not let me take any missions on that involve her or her puppets. He does not let me anywhere near her. When she is spotted in an area close to where I currently, agents rush to my side to back me up… and to also stop me.

Because I desire revenge. I want to kill her. No, no… let me rephrase that…

I want to destroy her.

I do not care if I am killed in the process, or if I do not accomplish my goal. That is not important to me. Do you think it would ever really matter to a man like me… a man who has lost his will to live?

One day, I swear, I will confront her. The boss won’t be able to stop me.

But until then, I have a duty as a Lonely Hearts agent to fulfill.

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